3 Key Design Ideas Behind Soma’s Reinvention of the Brita Filter

Originally posted on Wired      Much of the United States is sweating through a heat wave, but a company calledSoma is preparing to quench the thirst of design fans with a cool new water filter. Soma just finalized a $3.7 million dollar round of fundraising, and along with $147,444 they raised earlier in 2013 through Kickstarter, […] Read more

Aug, 21, 2014


Profit & Purpose – The Future of Business

The current paradigm forces an either/or choice. An organization either exists to maximize profit or purpose. Recently a groundswell of innovative organizations have disrupted that paradigm and proven that an organization can generate profit and purpose. We are witnessing the rise of social enterprise. THIS IS NOT A TREND. IT’S THE FUTURE OF BUSINESS. Profit & Purpose […] Read more

Jan, 30, 2014


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- Paulo Moreira